Floral 2000ct

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These varieties of Honeystix are completely as nature intended. No flavorings, or coloring added. These varieties are locally produced in the Pacific States of the USA. From the Star Thistle fields of California, to the Blackberry vines of the Northwest, to the citrus blossoms of the Southwest desert, we find high-grade sources that we're sure you'll enjoy!

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FPH-B2000 Pure Honey 2000CT

Pure Honey 2000CT

These are our best selling Honeystix. Simply pure honey. 

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B2000-FWF Wildflower Floral 2000ct

Wildflower Floral 2000ct

This variety is collected from higher elevations, from a mixture of wildflower types. Strong aroma...

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B2000-FOB Orange Blossom 2000ct

Orange Blossom 2000ct

A white to extra-light amber honey with a distinctive flavor and the aroma of orange blossoms....

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B2000-FBK Blackberry Blossom 2000ct

Blackberry Blossom 2000ct

A taste of summer and ripening berries. Contains: 100% US Domestic Grade A Honey

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B2000-FBW Buckwheat 2000ct

Buckwheat 2000ct

Strong, flavorful Buckwheat. Very earthy and robust.

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